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New job

Postby maddz » 5:02am on 25 Apr 17

Whoopee! Got offered a job yesterday which I have accepted. It was really quick - I got contacted by the agency last Tuesday who sent my CV across, got notified on Thursday they wanted to interview me yesterday first thing, and I am now the proud possessor of a shiny new job! Apparently, I did a perfect interview and I'm exactly what they want.

I start next week (I have a lot to sort out this week, what with switching cars). It's doing what I used to do for Cambridgeshire, but for a London borough and for a lot more money. At the moment, it's a contract post for 3 months in the first instance but there's the real possibility of an extension and possibly move to a longer term arrangement.

The only fly in the ointment is the commute (2 hours each way), but I shall only work 4 days anyway, and work 2 days from home.
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Re: New job

Postby Dom » 9:28am on 25 Apr 17


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Re: New job

Postby Newt » 9:44am on 25 Apr 17

Awesomeness :)

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Re: New job

Postby satbunny » 6:18pm on 27 Apr 17

Congratulations maddz!
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Re: New job

Postby maddz » 5:19am on 06 May 17

Well, I survived the first week. Technically, I'm only supposed to be going into the office 2 days from 4, but to accommodate the induction process I said I'd go in every day - which was convenient as my non-working day next week is Tuesday as I have a scan in the morning.

It's interesting as I am learning the ins and outs of a new case management system as well, but I think I've already been able to produce some useful work. I've already had people looking over my shoulder saying what I've been doing looks interesting.

I've also met another refugee from Cambridgeshire; this one from Childrens Services! Another case where people were invited to apply for their own jobs...
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