[Astronautilus Productions] Squaddies: The U.S.E.-Akurran War

By on 28 July 2017
[Astronautilus Productions] Squaddies: The U.S.E.-Akurran War Astronautilus Productions

You are soldiers in one of the ground assault divisions. Squaddies. Grunts. Footsloggers. Other people get to fly jumpships and fire rail guns at planets. You get to slog through the mud on miserable backwater worlds, take space stations corridor by gruelling corridor, and get shot at. A lot.

Squaddies is a system agnostic, military science fiction RPG. The tech level is hard (ish) science fiction – think bullets and body armour, not lasers and forcefields.

Want some scenarios, to fit into your own setting? Try one of these:
Squaddies: Troop Ship Down The PCs’ troop transport is shot down in the middle of nowhere and they have to get themselves and their wounded to an extraction point. Preferably without being shot by enemy scouts or eaten by the local wildlife.

Squaddies: The Dam-Sitters There’s a big hydroelectric dam up in the mountains. Intelligence thinks the enemy might make an attempt to destroy it – either by direct assault or terrorist sabotage. The people who work and live immediately downstream would prefer that a squillion tons of watery death did not come their way! It’s the turn of the PCs’ platoon to do some dam protection. Oh, and you have some journalists in tow, so try not to do anything too embarrassing while the cameras are rolling…

Need a setting as well? Squaddies: The USE-Akurran War The USE-Akurran War pdf includes:

  • A guide to both sides in the war (the United States of Earth and the Akurran Republic) and the history of their conflict.
  • The technology level, including battlefield communications, and bits of kit the PCs are assumed to be familiar with.
  • Bios and story seeds for a whole platoon of NPCs for the players to interact with.
  • Replacement NPCs – to bulk out your party or to replace the regular NPCs when they get horribly killed.
  • Star maps for the areas of space colonised by humans, and a few snippets of information on each star system.
  • Planetary maps for three biosphere worlds and data on each of these planets.
  • Aliens – the biology and psychology of the sentient alien species, the Swampies, Yitteral and Lifim.
  • Character creation notes – hints and guidance on fitting this setting to your chosen RPG system.
  • Background information for any players who opt to play genetically engineered ‘cannon fodder’: the gennys.

The setting is SPOILER FREE – players as well as GMs can read anything in here.

Reviews welcome.

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