[Black Book Editions] Polaris RPG

By on 14 March 2016
[Black Book Editions] Polaris RPG Black Book Editions

Black Book Editions, publisher of the French versions of Pathfinder, Savage Worlds and Shadowrun, is about to start a Kickstarter campaign to fund Polaris RPG, a science-fiction post-apocalyptic roleplaying game in which humankind has found refuge in the oceans. This French RPG is one of the most popular “Made in France” RPGs, and will be soon available in English for for the first time.

The Polaris RPG is set in a far future where the world above ground has become uninhabitable for the human species. Human beings have found refuge in the depths of the ocean, where they try to somehow survive in spite of the many difficulties they encounter in this hostile environment. The species’ degeneration (characterized by the increasing number of sterile individuals and various genetic mutations), the perpetual wars that have ravaged entire colonies, the monsters, and, above all, the difficulty of exploiting natural resources are the immediate problems faced by this civilization.

In this new world of silence and darkness, players can choose to become agents of one of the underwater factions, mercenaries working to keep afloat, or freelancers trying to establish their own communities. No matter which side they pick, they will discover that nothing is completely black or white, and that humankind will need to unite against a common adversity if it wants to survive. Meanwhile, they will have to fight against all odds and gear up as best they can, buying precious breathing mixes or fluids. They will need to tinker, patch up, and stitch together their submarines. Luck may smile upon them when they discover brand-new equipment or one of the stashes left behind by the ominous Empire of the Geneticians. Their fate will be much darker if they happen to stumble upon raiders or pirates. Adventurers will, however, get a chance to gain fame and even influence the world’s destiny through their actions and discoveries. Humankind is in need of heroes, and empires can sometimes be born from simple ideals. All these elements and many others make up the backdrop of this universe in which one great mystery prevails: the Polaris Flux.

The Polaris RPG gives Players and Game Masters the possibility to play in different ways: try to survive in the darkness of the seas, be part of the perpetual wars, and discover the mysteries that prevail in the oceans or take part in the political intrigues between ambitious nations.

The official release date of the Polaris RPG Kickstarter is March 15th 2016 (in a couple days only).

To help you discover its universe and game system, Black Book Edition has made the beta version of the Core Rulebook:1 available for free on DriveThruRPG! This download will be available until March 17th 2016, so make sure to download you copy right away! This 280 pages, full-colour and fully illustrated document, will be part of the two book set that will include everything a GM and his group need to start playing in the exciting and dangerous world of Polaris RPG.

You can also find the latest news, sign-up for the Polaris Newsletter and download a quickstart guide PDF on the official Polaris RPG website.

Please let me know if you have any question.

[Black Book Editions] Polaris RPG

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