[Chronicle City] The Robotic Age

By on 10 September 2014

The Robotic Age by Preston Poland and True In One Games is now available in both Hard and Soft Covers!

“You can’t trust those ‘bots. Androids just want us to think they are thinking beings, they want us to treat them like we treat each other, so that we won’t see an attack coming. You give androids the right to vote, and they vote their kind into office the same day the death squads are formed. You think you can stop an army of metal men with plasma weapons built right into their arm?! Ha! And don’t think those cyborgs are any better. They are just trying to become more android so they might be spared in the robot apocalypse. Traitors to their own species, all of them. Trust me, the moment you treat ‘bots like they are human is the moment they take over!” – Frank “Bot-Killer” Thomas during the 2112 SSA election.

The Robotic Age is a game where man lives long side machine. Sentient androids are trying to find their place among people that, at best, don’t trust them and at worst want to destroy them. Weapon technology is spiraling out of control, killer drones can be built in a garage, and anyone on the street can have enough cybernetic enhancements to make them a killing machine. The world is changing rapidly and no one knows if the new age will be that of peace, or dominance.

Build the android, transhuman, cyborg, or human character you always wanted and equip them with the weapon of your dreams, from plasma cannons, to grenade launchers, energy swords and more. Explore cyberspace, fight for android rights, travel to mars, or just help prevent the world from descending into chaos in The Robotic Age.

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