Crafty Games to Publish Looking Glass Wars RPG

By on 4 August 2009

Creators of Spycraft, Fantasy Craft, and the forthcoming Mistborn RPG to publish roleplaying adaptation of author Frank Beddor’s Looking Glass Wars novel trilogy.

August 4, 2009 — OMAHA, NE: Crafty Games LLC has partnered with Frank Beddor, whose spirited reinvention of Wonderland challenges everything you know, or think you know, about the cherished fairytale classic.

“We’re so excited to join Frank in his quest to reveal Wonderland’s true history and can’t wait to show off all the amazing things we’ve found beyond the Crystal Continuum,” said Crafty Games partner Patrick Kapera. “Every day we’re discovering new things in this lush world. It’s a great honor and a tremendous privilege to be part of this journey.”

“An RPG is the perfect vehicle to unleash the power of Imagination and explore the curious and sometimes dark corners of Wonderland,” said Frank Beddor. “The team at Crafty Games are terrific collaborators, and the ideal candidates to expand and broaden the Looking Glass Wars.”

The RPG will be powered by a versatile, new storytelling game engine designed for lightning-fast narrative play — the same system that will feature in the forthcoming Mistborn game.

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