Cyberpunk Card-Based RPG Neon Sanctum Launched on Kickstarter

By on 18 March 2015
Neon Sanctum

Neon Sanctum, the cyberpunk card-based role playing game has launched on Kickstarter. The fundraising drive aims to raise £12,000 in order to make the game available to the global community of RPG, card and board game fans.

The Game
Neon Sanctum is an RPG with a difference. Most RPGs provide players with character sheets to store their characters’ skills, items, life, experience etc., but Neon Sanctum uses cards to represent all these things. The game is suitable for four or more players.

Adam Waite, the game’s designer says: “The unique card-based system means that the game is easily accessible to new players, while still retaining the depth veteran RPG players are used to.

“We’ve spent years honing Neon Sanctum in our spare time, and had some great feedback so far – we can’t wait to share the fun of playing with it others.”

The Setting
Two hundred years ago humanity was on the edge of extinction at the hands of an aggressive AI army. Against all the odds, the humans managed to win the war in one strike. Unfortunately the victory came with consequences; huge swathes of the world became deadly to anyone who entered, cutting humanity off from its settlements. In an instant, humanity was both saved and condemned.
But as it has always done, humanity survived, and those survivors built Neon City, a dystopian metropolis populated by powerful corporations and terrifying gangs. Outside the city walls, the overgrown wastelands are filled with mutants and bandits, and the lure of valuable ancient technology.

The Kickstarter
Pledges start at £1/$2 for downloadable print and play files, and go up to £50/$75* for the Deluxe Pack which includes:

  • 312 cards
  • 100 page rulebook
  • 2 large battle maps
  • NPC and willpower tokens
  • 2D10
  • 2 player decks
  • 1 NPC deck
  • An item deck



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