[DeepDark Designs] Legendary Adventures Volume 2 Kickstarter

By on 23 August 2016
[DeepDark Designs] Legendary Adventures Volume 2 Kickstarter DeepDark Designs

Legendary Adventures: Volume 2 comes to Kickstarter, offering 4 brand-new, expansive adventures for your 5th-edition games.

After successfully crowdfunding and launching 4 adventures with Legendary Adventures: Volume 1, DeepDark Designs is returning to Kickstarter to facilitate the development and fulfilment of another suite of ambitious 80-page adventures. Each of which packs in dozens of pages of new rules, mechanics, and statistical information for new threats and monsters in addition to presenting an interesting and original adventure.

Legendary Adventures are unusual in the sense that they are neither very small in aspiration and scope, offering just a handful of half-page quests with no thread or story linking them together, nor are they sprawling mega sagas that run from level 1 to 15 and require players to commit to years of roleplaying to complete. Instead, each adventure offers an abundance of adventuring materials for at least 3 levels of gameplay, and frequently as many as 5. Each adventure includes a mini-hub, information on a unique setting or locale, a collection of quests or a primary adventure narrative, suggestions and guidelines for expanding on the materials presented, and huge appendices with lots of new options. Consequently, Legendary Adventures are able to offer something a little bit unlike almost anything else out there for 5th-edition right now: a story or campaign with enough substance to be worth committing to and investing in, but that players and gamemasters can still reasonably expect to reach the end of.

In order to make Legendary Adventures: Volume 2 a reality, DeepDark Designs is looking to secure £4,000 in funding through Kickstarter, which is significantly higher than the target of their first campaign. This is because the intent this time is to include vastly more artwork per adventure, move to using full-colour art only, spend more time on editing and proofreading, improve the overall production values, and include premium cartography for the first time. And, for the first time, the first and second volumes of Legendary Adventures will be available in physical print through this Kickstarter. Should the initial funding target be exceeded, a number of stretch goals have been planned with the express purpose of giving back to the wider roleplaying community with a range of exciting freebies that anyone can access.

“When designing Legendary Adventures, our primary goal really is to pack in as much content as possible, especially stuff that’s accessible, versatile, and reusable. Or, to put it another way, we’re trying to create something that’s incredibly affordable in terms the of price of admission and what we’re able to offer for your money, without being ‘cheap’ or without value,” said Daniel McDonald, Lead Designer of Legendary Adventures: Volume 2.


To learn more about this this Kickstarter or contribute, please visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/1827714098/2057992907

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