[DramaScape] Celtic Village 6 x 6 Tiles

By on 3 February 2016
[DramaScape] Celtic Village 6 x 6 Tiles DramaScape

“These Celts tortured the son of a Roman senator, a Roman legionnaire, our brother. They let him die and rot in the village square for all to see. We will raze this village to the ground for the honor of Rome and Legio IX Hispana!”

This is the Print Yourself Version it does not include the Virtual Tabletop files. These are available here.

Celtic Village Tiles includes 46 6” x 6” unique modular tiles for use to create an above or below ground village. This set has 36 underground/building tiles and 10 aboveground tiles

Celtic Village Tiles is intended for use in fantasy settings.

Adventure hook for use with this map

Repel the Romans!: The Celtic village is under attack by the Roman Empire in retaliation for the public execution of a Roman. The group awakes to blaring horns in the Celtic barracks and must rush to arm themselves to defend against the Roman onslaught.

Once they get outside the guardhouse, it is immediately apparent that the Romans are not here for conquest, they are here to slaughter the Celts and burn the village to ashes. Can the group repel the Romans and survive the assault?

[DramaScape] Celtic Village 6 x 6 Tiles

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