[DramaScape] Golf Course

By on 6 December 2017
[DramaScape] Golf Course DramaScape

This product is a full-color, 40 inch by 40 inch, Battlemap of a Golf Course, with Hex, Square and No overlay and comes with a Savage Worlds Adventure.

The Zip file includes includes the VTT (Virtual Table Top Images for online play).

“Get off my green with that golf cart!”—Greenskeeper Bill Webb.

Golf Course is a large-scale single level exterior map of half of a golf course (nine holes). This map is around a 10 feet = 1 inch scale similar to our other larger-scale maps such as DramaScape’s City Blocks and Campus Blocks. This product also includes a Golf Cart add on.

Golf Course is intended for use in modern games.

Golf Course includes Pregenerated Characters and Character Cards for use with the Savage Worlds game system. The adventure, character descriptions, golf cart, and map are system neutral and can be used with any game system.

Adventure hook for use with this map:

Disappearance in the Desert: The Palm Canyon Country Club has thrived since its opening on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada. However, a string of disappearances has struck the club recently. The Palm Canyon Country Club Committee has been able to keep these events quiet, but word got out recently after the disappearance of a famous professional golfer. Since then the Palm Canyon Country Club has told personnel and golfers to get on the links after sunrise and leave before sunset.

The disappearance of the professional golfer has brought the story to the attention of Maya Ohya, a Los Angeles reporter. She has arrived at the Palm Canyon Country Club to interview golfers while looking for clues to the disappearance scheduling the slowest golfer, Todd Martin for the last interview. Notoriously calculated golfer Todd Martin golfs until sunset followed by nervous caddy Michael Aiken who needs the golfer’s punch card to get paid. Meanwhile greenskeeper Bill Webb investigates increasing problems with the golf course and greens. This brings them all to the eighteenth hole just as the sun begins to fade from view (continued inside).

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