[DramaScape] Grand Hall

By on 3 December 2016
[DramaScape] Grand Hall DramaScape

This Product is a 40 x 40 inch, full color battlemap of a Grand Hall.

The Product comes with the Square, Hex and No Overlay versions, the Virtual Tabletop Maps (VTT) and include a 360 degree view of the hall from the centre.

“This is truly a grand hall worthy of a great king such as yourself milord.”
—Obsequious King’s Attendant

 Grand Hall is an interior map of a throne room. The main entrance is in the north which has a red-purple carpet that extends from the northern edge of the map through a curved double door to the southern throne on a raised dais. The hall can also be entered from west or east rectangular double doors that can lead to other areas in the palace. This map includes a 360-degree panoramic view from the center of the grand hall.

Grand Hall is intended for use in fantasy or horror games. It could also be an interesting map as a pulp historical site to explore in a modern game.

Adventure hook for use with this map

Last Accolades: The king has sent for his brave soldiers that have brought him victory against the southern barbarians. When they arrive they find meat being roasted on spits above the braziers and many casks of ale and bottles of wine have been brought forth for a grand feast. The king gives a speech about the great honor the soldiers have attained on the battlefield and gives them an accolade making them full knights.

However, the mad king fears the popularity of such heroes and thinks that with enough victories they may become too popular and turn on him to usurp his throne. He gives them a final meal with debilitating poisons in the meat applied by their servers in addition to slowing their reflexes and dulling their minds with alcohol.

After the king makes his grand exit just before midnight, men in the garb of the southern barbarians suddenly enter the room. The palace guards lock the doors behind them. The player characters are intended to die “protecting the king from barbarian assassins.” The player characters have to fight off the assassins and somehow escape with their exits barred while possibly being poisoned and drunk. If they survive, the player characters will certainly want revenge on the king and be willing to try and take over through civil war, assassination, or other means like trying to ally with their former enemies to the south in the barbarians.

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