[DramaScape] Marines & Aliens Miniatures 2

By on 16 May 2015
Marines & Aliens Miniatures 2 DramaScape

“The coalition of aliens came out of nowhere to conquer the Earth. No way I am gonna let that happen.”
—Lieutenant Lee Hart

Marines & Aliens 2 includes three pages of figure flats of soldiers and aliens, twelve per page for a total of 36. The product also includes baseless top downs of these figures that can act as VTT tokens.

Marines & Aliens 2 is intended for use in near or far future science fiction settings.

Marines & Aliens Miniatures 2

Adventure idea for these figure flats

A World to Carve into Four Empires: You can separate the figure flats into the armored human soldiers and the aliens. One side is the human soldiers and the other side is the alien coalition invading the Earth.

The aliens do not attack together. Instead each race targets different continents. For example, one alien race attacks the New World, another attacks Europe and Africa, the next attacks Asia, and the last alien race could attack Australia and Antarctica.

Humanity’s only chance may be negotiating with the aliens and somehow turning them against each other.

Marines & Aliens Miniatures 2

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