[DramaScape] Medieval Village Outskirts

By on 23 February 2017
[DramaScape] Medieval Village Outskirts DramaScape

This Product is a 48 x 30 inch, full color battlemap of a Medieval Village Outskirts .

The Product comes with the Square, Hex and No Overlay versions, the Virtual Tabletop Maps (VTT).

“Rumors say the old derelict mill is haunted by the ghost of the last miller to run the place.”
—Village Gossiper

Medieval Village Outskirts is a single level exterior and interior map of two medieval peasant houses in the west, a ruined mill next to a stream that has dwindled to a creek in the center surrounded by trees to the north and south with a clearing in the northeast containing a pen for livestock.

Medieval Village Outskirts is intended for use in fantasy or medieval historical era games. It can also be useful in horror games. This map can also be spliced along the western creek line with the west part useful as part of a village and the eastern part could be used as a separate encounter in the wilderness.

Adventure hook for use with this map

The Haunted Mill: The mill on the east side of town was once a profitable business. However, farmers diverted river water upstream of the mill to irrigate their farms and the river water trickled down to a mere creek. This made the water wheel impossible to turn and put the miller out of business. The farmers said the angry miller died in an accident trying to remove a dam upstream to restore water to his mill. Some people think the farmers stabbed him with a pitchfork instead to prevent him from destroying their dam. The miller’s wife and kids were unable to keep the house and were evicted following the miller’s death and the farmers even took over his family’s home.

Enraged and unable to move on to the next world, the miller’s ghost haunts the derelict mill and the creek, able to go as far as the first dam he tried to destroy and back to the mill hovering over the creek. If he encounters anyone he pleads for them to destroy the dams and kill the farmers. If they do this task for him that will allow him to move onto the next realm, the ghost promises to tell them the location of his treasure.

The farmers if asked about the ghost offer a reward of gold, livestock, and food if they will banish the ghost forever. The livestock are so spooked they refuse to stay in the northeast pen and the howls of the ghost keep them awake at night.

Does the group help the living farmers or the dead ghost?

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