[DramaScape] Modern Zombies

By on 18 January 2018
[DramaScape] Modern Zombies DramaScape

Dramascape Miniatures Volume 14


The Modern Zombies product is not suitable for VTT.

Modern Zombies is a set of 36 zombie figure flats (12 per page x 3 pages) for modern games on the tabletop. There are 23 slow zombies and 13 fast running zombies. This set has 22 male and 14 female zombies. The types of zombies included in this set are doctors, nurses, and patients which may be useful in a post-apocalyptic hospital or asylum. Zombies in suits may be useful in businesses or corporate offices. A maid zombie may inhabit an estate or hotel. Construction worker zombies may be out on the roads or highways.

Modern Zombies is intended for use in modern horror or post-apocalyptic games.

Asylum of the Dead:  Seeking shelter from a horde of zombies, the group finds an intact asylum with a thick brick wall and gated entrance that the zombie mob hasn’t broken through yet. The zombies can’t climb the walls, but the group sure can! Inside the asylum, zombified nurses, doctors, and orderlies wander the halls along with zombified patients sometimes beating on the doors of padded cells to no effect.

The padded cells have some survivors inside. Raving lunatics and silent madmen alike are wrapped in straitjackets dying of thirst. They are crazy but they are still human. This presents a moral quandary. Save the inmates and deal with their potential chaotic choices and risks and drain on resources, give them a merciful end, or leave them to a painful death. Each padded cell should have a key on one of the zombified doctors, nurses, or orderlies.

After the group has had some time to explore all the levels of the asylum to scavenge for gear and supplies and decide what to do about the survivors, a huge crash is heard! The zombie mob has broken through the old gate and is surging into the courtyard! The zombies surge forward and head for the entrance door of the asylum to break it down and get to the group!

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