[DramaScape] River Landing

By on 27 July 2017
[DramaScape] River Landing DramaScape

This Product is a 40 x 40 inch, full color battlemap of a River Dock.

The Product comes with Square, Hex and No Overlay and the Virtual Tabletop Map (VTT).

“Only small boats can reach the royal landing due to the river being very shallow in its middle. This rowboat isn’t worthy of carrying a man of you station milord but it’s the only ship that can float on top of the river at its narrowest point without being ripped apart by the shoals.”—Ferryman

 River Landing is a single level exterior map of a river with a dock in the center and a walled road heading north.

River Landing is intended for use in fantasy games.

Adventure hook for use with this map:

A Royal Mess: A royal entourage has been sailing up the river in a medium-sized ship but is forced to use smaller rowboats and dinghies to reach the royal landing, a small dock, many complaining about the indignity of it all. In truth, the king chose this spot precisely for that reason, making visitors to his domain feel small as they land in small boats before heading north up the royal road to his grand castle.

The royal landing and road is usually well defended but these nobles in particular have been a thorn in the side of the king. He has withdrawn most of the royal guard stationed here for their visitation leaving a skeleton crew there to greet the arriving nobles. The bandits of the area have set an ambush to slay the guards and capture as many nobles as they can for ransom after seeing the light guard detail (perhaps tipped off by a king’s spy with the information whilst they caroused). The group can get involved as bodyguards for the nobles who are their last line of defense against the ambushing brigands from the forest.

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