[DramaScape] SciFi 6 x 6 Tiles Set 02

By on 4 January 2016
[DramaScape] SciFi 6 x 6 Tiles Set 02 DramaScape

“These xenos are extremely dangerous. They are physically frail, but they seem to have mental powers if these scientist reports are to be believed. These factors make this one of the most dangerous escort missions we have ever faced.”
—Sergeant Reynar.

SciFi Floor Tiles 2 includes 44 6” x 6” unique, modular tiles for use to create space stations, space ships, and terrestrial bases. This set is differentiated from the first set by having a much larger selection of destination tiles and fewer connective tiles.

SciFi Floor Tiles 2 is intended for use in near or far-future science fiction games. Horror SciFi games may find some tiles useful such as the cryo rooms.

Note: This set does not include the VTT files and does not have an Overlay, the VTT file version can be found here.

Adventure hook for use with this map

Alien Transfer: The group is playing soldiers or mercenaries sent into a terrestrial base or space station specializing in containment and research on alien life forms for a routine alien transfer to a more high security prison.

The facility has recently been testing on a new species, an alien lifeform with a frail body having a triangular rib structure to guard its chest, three fingered hands, and feet with two toes. The alien has a large head with a highly developed brain.

The group arrives through an airlock and a waiting security guard lets them into the facility to do their duty…

[DramaScape] SciFi 6 x 6 Tiles Set 02

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