[DramaScape] SciFi Research Station

By on 24 January 2018
[DramaScape] SciFi Research Station DramaScape

This product is a 32 x 20 inch full-color, map of a SciFi Research Station , with Hex, Square and No Overlays. The Zip file contains the VTT (Virtual Table Top Images for online play).

 [Alarm Klaxons sound.]

“What is going on?”—Head Researcher

 “We don’t know sir. We’ve checked and all the aliens are still in containment.”—Scientist

 [Glass crashes as two plants burst into the hallway from the greenhouse and grab the scientist with vines!]

“The alien plants…they are ambulatory! Run sir…Auggh”–Researcher

 SciFi Research Station includes a single interior level of a futuristic research station that could be located on a planet surface or as part of a space station. The area is entered via a door in the east center of the map opening up to a central hallway. There are five doors to the north and five doors to the south (for ten total rooms).

SciFi Research Station can be used in horror, supers (especially as a mad scientist type of villain hideout), and near or far-future science fiction games.

Adventure hook for use with this map:

Greenhouse Expansion: Last contact with the Interstellar Space Station (ISS) Magellan was over a week ago. A marine squad (the player characters) has been sent to the ISS Magellan to investigate a distress signal sent on repeat since then. The marine’s orders are to save the station if possible. If the marines determine that the ISS Magellan cannot be saved, they have been given authorization to activate a thermonuclear device inside the station. Upon arrival at the ISS Magellan, they find the station’s walls covered with plant life with heavy fronds and vines. Something moves within the foliage. Moving the fronds away, human beings and aliens alike have roots growing out of them. The alien plant is absorbing nutrients from them like they are soil. The alien plants attack the marines after this gruesome discovery. It is up to the group to fight off the alien plants and save the station or decide to nuke it to prevent further contamination by the alien plant life.

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