[DramaScape] SewerScape Vol 01

By on 20 October 2015
[DramaScape] SewerScape Vol 01 DramaScape

“Killing a man is easy. It’s getting away afterward without ending up on a gibbet that is difficult.”
—Assassin’s saying

Sewer Tiles consists of modular 6 inch x 6 inch tiles that can be printed out to create a large fantasy or medieval sewer maze. There are 49 tiles total. The set includes connective tiles such as L-corners, 4 tiles that make up a large curve, straight corridors, T-intersections, and cross intersections. There are 16 tiles that make up a circular dry lair in the sewers for a boss monster and 4 tiles that can make a larger room for a big sewer monster.

If you want the VTT (Virtual Tabletop Edition) that can be found here or you can get the Bundle shown at the bottom of the product page.

Sewer Tiles in intended for use in fantasy or medieval historical period games. It could also be used as a sewer beneath a Roman Empire city or an Ancient Greek city-state.

Adventure hook for use with this map

Escape through the Muck: The group has managed to assassinate an evil leader in his palatial estate. With the main and back entrances blocked by royal guards, the group has decided to escape through the dungeon’s sewer access.

This scenario can use the DungeonScape tiles for a rocky dungeon underneath the estate. Opposition includes dungeon guards as well as royal guards in pursuit. If the players free some of the dungeon prisoners they may gain some allies. However these newfound allies may also betray the group at the first opportunity.

After finding a way into the sewers, opposition includes any remaining pursuing forces as well as people and monsters living inside the sewers. Everything from rat swarms to giant crocodiles to a vampire that has exiled himself to the dank, dark underworld and feeds on people that wander through could be opposition in the area.

If the group gets out of the scenario alive, they find their payment waiting for them at the assassin’s guild, possibly with higher shares depending on how many of them made it out alive.

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