[DramaScape] Star Map 02

By on 23 August 2016
[DramaScape] Star Map 02

Star Map 02 is a 40 x 40 inch Battlemap with Hex, Square and No Overlay and comes with the VTT file (Virtual Table top).

“Why have The Depurators come for us so soon? This planet has not even been terraformed completely yet? We will defend this world and its vast resources with our very lives!”
—Human Soldier

Star Map 02 has a brown-green planet with an atmosphere in the foreground with a vast antennae galaxy in the background.

Star Map 02 is intended for use in war games set in space or science fiction roleplaying games with large-scale mass combats.

Space Refugees: As the two galaxies of the Antennae Nebula began to merge into one, refugees fled the doomed galaxies and spread outward. One of these alien races from another galaxy were soon named The Depurators by human observers who watched them cleanse colony after colon, killing millions of humans and leaving living worlds as nothing but barren rocks in space. The Depurators are insectoid oxygen breathers with huge antennae on their head where ears would be on a human, body with four arms, and a thorax with two legs.

When the core worlds learned of the new threat, they sent an expeditionary military force to begin a terraforming operation in between the core worlds and the encroaching border of The Depurators in the frontier. The world was an ice planet, with most of the seas and lakes being made of hydrocarbons rather than water, and an atmosphere mostly comprised of hydrogen. Humanity began a process to change the world into one of water and oxygen suitable for human life. The Depurators invaded en-masse before the terraforming even ended surprising the humans. The Depurators brought a massive fleet this time instead of a single Depurator and a few guardian ships. They intend to break the humans here.

Thus sets the stage for a massive confrontation in space with the potential results being turning back the aliens or the way to Sol paved for the aliens.

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