[DramaScape] Swamp Patrol Outpost

By on 14 July 2016
[DramaScape] Swamp Patrol Outpost DramaScape

This is a 20 x 24 inch, Battlemap of a Swamp Patrol Outpost, it has Hex, Square and No Overlays, it also includes the VTT files for online play.

“We take out the guards at the outpost first, steal their motorboats, then hit a bigger base down the swamp river one klick to the east. “
—Rebel Commander

Swamp Patrol Outpost is a single level exterior map of a brown swamp or muddy river surrounded by a lush green jungle. The swamp could be a lake or a river that extends off the map to the east.  There are two wooden cabins for two people each built on top of stilts on the beach with two docked motorboats in the swamp next to a small pier.

Swamp Patrol Outpost is intended for use in pulp, horror, and modern games. The motorboats on the map came into production at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. This sets the range of this map in the 20th century to the present time wise.

Adventure hook for use with this map

Revolution beginning in a Still Swamp: The Player Characters have been hired as mercenaries by a rebel group attempting a military coup against a draconian dictator. The rebel commander instructs them to ambush the guards of a small swamp patrol outpost at the end of a swampy river, steal their motorboats, and use them to move eastward and assault a bigger base on the way to the dictator’s palace.

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