[DramaScape] Tower 6 x 6 Tiles

By on 24 October 2016
[DramaScape] Tower 6 x 6 Tiles DramaScape

“We’ll never be able to make you strong or tough like me except through a ton of physical fitness and endurance training. But one dose of this potion is like a short cut to power and vigor. Interested?”
—Frhan, Alchemist

 Tower 6 x 6 Tiles includes 24 unique 6” x 6” tower tiles and four add-on circular tower centerpieces for 28 total images. It also includes the VTT (Virtual Tabletop Tiles) for online use.

Tower 6 x 6 Tiles is intended for use in fantasy, medieval, or horror games.

Adventure hook for use with this map

The Tower of Trials: The center of the town has the town alchemist shop with a massive tower that looms over the building and the rest of the town behind the shop. Frhan is a retired adventurer, a former warrior with sagging muscles, but still in good enough shape to wipe the floor with most challengers. An oddity among most fighters, he has wits to match his strength and is now making money as an alchemist. With the right alchemical concoctions he can even return to his former physique!

Frhan sells potions that imbibers can use to become stronger and tougher or even seal wounds. He also sells more basic supplies such as food, water, and equipment. Frhan’s is the last stop before entering the wizard’s tower.  The back door of Frhan’s alchemist shop leads up to a wizard’s tower, the Tower of Trials. It is a brutal twenty floor tower where the wizard Shydrark lives on the top floor. Frhan has a sign-up sheet for the Tower of Trials which includes language about how Shydrark is not financially responsible for maiming or death from trying to climb the tower and reach the top. Flying monsters guard the outside such as gargoyles to defend against climbing ‘cheaters’ and the interior tower monsters include animated corpses of former adventurers who tried to climb the tower and failed, carrion feeding creatures to clean the tower of blood, and animated monsters such as golems. Those who reach the top of the tower though are allowed to gain either a magical item or a free teleportation to a land or plane of their choice. For some, the risk is worth the reward.


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