[DramaScape] US M4 Sherman and German Tiger I WWII Tanks

By on 1 February 2018
[DramaScape] US M4 Sherman and German Tiger I WWII Tanks DramaScape

“Better too much spade work than too little! This work saves blood.”—Erwin Rommel

 [Rommel’s tanks crushed American infantry digging shallow silt trenches in the rocky terrain of Tunisia. After the Battle of Kasserine Pass, deeper foxholes became a standard US army entrenchment doctrine.]

US M4 Sherman and German Tiger I Tanks includes two M4 tank top downs (a standard green and desert camouflage  paint versions) and three Tiger I top downs (standard gray, forest camouflage, and desert camouflage versions). Each tank includes an exterior view of the full tank (chassis + turret) and chassis with the turret removed to represent a destroyed tank with the turret blown off.

This product is intended mainly for use in games set in the WWII era (1942-1945, both tanks being produced in 1942). However, the M4 Sherman also saw use in the Korean War as part of UN and US forces (1950-1953). Discontinued in 1957 by the US Army it was transferred to many allies after that point. The M4 Sherman was also used by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) during the 1948-1949 war of independence. The IDF deployed heavily modified Shermans in the Six Day War (1967) and the tank continued to be in IDF service until the 1980s.

Scenario for use with these top downs:

The Battle of Kasserine Pass:  DramaScape’s Ambush Road is the setting for this battle. The road is used as Kasserine Pass with the mountainous, hilly terrain to the north and south representing the Aures Mountains of the Atlas Mountain chain. The water in the north part of the map is a section of the Hatab River. The destroyed area of the map is a destroyed fortification, crushed during Rommel’s advance to this point. Will you take control of the American forces trying to defend the pass and stop Rommel’s advance through Tunisia in the west? Or will you take control of the German Afrika Korps forces trying to push through from the east and force the Americans back into Algeria?  Place American forces along the west edge of the map and German forces along the east edge of the map using the sand-colored tanks. DramaScape’s WWII Soldiers Germans & Americans can be used for figure flats for infantry units and includes German soldiers in sand-colored uniforms for desert use.

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