[DramaScape] Western Town Block

By on 19 December 2016
[DramaScape] Western Town Block DramaScape

This is a 40x 40inch, Battlemap of a Western Town, it has Hex, Square and No Overlays, it also includes the VTT files for online play. Scale is closer to 10ft per inch than 5ft as we wanted to fit a whole town into a reasonable size map.

“Confess your sins to God for your soul to be saved. Eternal damnation in Hell awaits you if you do not absolve yourself before the noose drops. “
—Town Preacher

Western Town Block is an exterior map of a western town with over fifteen buildings, a water tower, and a gallows in a desert. There is a river in the west with a bridge in the center and a long fence to the north with a gate in the northwest that serve as the main entrances. There is a gap in the fence in the southeast part of the map that serves as a back entrance to the town. The scale of this map is 10 feet per inch.

Western Town Block is best used as a location for hangings in the center of town, duels such as in the straight corridor Main Street between the bridge and town center, and shootouts with plenty of roofs for snipers and buildings for cover.

Western Town Block is intended for use in western or Wild West games. This map can also be useful as an old ghost town in a pulp or modern game set in the southwest United States as well.

Adventure hook for use with this map

Gallows at High Noon: A member of the group has been falsely accused of a crime and has been sentenced to hang from the gallows at high noon. The rest of the group needs to foil the execution and escape. To take out the noose before it drops, they might use a sniper on a roof to shoot the rope or rush the gallows with a carriage and throw a tomahawk or knife to cut the rope. The carriage may also be the escape vehicle for the accused during the rescue with a rowboat or secondary carriage as another route out of town for their sniper.

After escaping, the group must find the real criminal to clear the name of the group member who has been used as a scapegoat. If the group can’t clear his name, they face citizen posse, bounty hunters, and marshals out to bring their wanted ally to justice—dead or alive.

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