[DramaScape] Zombies Vs Survivors Miniatures

By on 7 July 2016
[DramaScape] Zombies Vs Survivors Miniatures DramaScape

Dramascape Miniatures Volume 13

“Hey, of course you can trust me; I am a police officer after all.”
—Police Officer Imposter

Zombies Vs Survivors Miniatures includes three pages of twelve figures flats for thirty-six total. This set includes eighteen modern zombie figure flats, six police officer figure flats, six military soldier figure flats, and six hazmat suit wearing figure flats. This set also includes virtual tabletop token versions of these figure flats for use on the VTT.

Zombies Vs Survivors Miniatures is intended for use in modern, post-apocalyptic, and horror games. This set can also be useful in a supers game with its police officer figure flats primarily.

Adventure hook for use with these figures

Serial Killer Survivor: A serial killer preys upon survivors of the zombie outbreak. He pretends to be a police officer and acts helpful to gain their trust. After gaining their trust or at least reducing suspicion, he isolates members of the group and kills them one by one to get their food, water, weapons, and ammo. After killing a victim, he leaves the body in a place where the zombies can get to it in order to eat away the evidence of his crimes.

The player characters get involved when the killer tries to infiltrate their group by ingratiating himself to the party. Will the player characters be able to discover the murderer in their midst before it’s too late for all of them?

[DramaScape] Zombies Vs Survivors Miniatures

[DramaScape] Zombies Vs Survivors Miniatures

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