[Ennead Games] Creature Description Generator Volume 5: Goblin

By on 2 May 2016
[Ennead Games] Creature Description Generator Volume 5: Goblin Ennead Games

A goblin is a legendary evil or mischievous grotesque dwarf-like daemon or monster that appeared in European stories and accounts during the Middle Ages. Sometimes green, grey or various shades, they are often thought to be a smaller version of the Orc.

Having a description ready or being able to come up with one can be handy. This is what the Creature Description Generator is for and covers 10 aspects to help flesh out and bring to life your description.

The aspects covered by the Creature Description Generator are –

  • Armour type and style – What type and style of armour do they wear?
  • Body Details – What about their eyes and teeth and other features?
  • Personality – Are they brash and loud or scheming & greedy?
  • Position/Rank/Job – What is their job or role within the tribe?
  • Size/Build – Are they fat? Long limbed? Or even really short for a goblin?
  • Tattoo – What markings do they have on themselves?
  • Symbol – What sign or symbol is associated with this goblin or their tribe?
  • Voice – How do they speak? Is their voice creepy or high pitched?
  • Weapon – What is their weapon of choice in combat?
  • Quirk/Feature – A d100 table of weird and odd things to personalise your gobbo

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