[Ennead Games] Fantastic Feats Volume XLV – Hunter

By on 19 October 2015
[Ennead Games] Fantastic Feats Volume XLV - Hunter Ennead Games

“The forest itself shall shield me from your attacks”
– Serena Hycroft, Hunter

The Hunter is a hybrid class that combines a druids power and rangers skills into nature’s deadly defender. Often found with an animal companion, the dwell in the forests and jungles, protecting nature from those who would do it harm. Some see it as a religious calling, whilst others become almost animal like in their nature. Whatever their fate is, they are not beings you want to annoy or upset. They will hunt you, track you down, run you ragged, then close in for the kill or take you out from a distance. You may see them, you may not, but there are always there, always watching you.

Spell Sacrificing –  Give up a ready/prepared spell to power certain feats. The more powerful the spell sacrificed, the greater the bonus

The Feats:

  • Improved Wild Empath – Wild Empathy Rolls become better.
  • Master Tracker – Sacrifice a spell to gain a bonus to tracking.
  • Nature’s Defence – Your armor works better when you sacrifice a spell.
  • Nature’s Focus – Your level for abilities gained from animal focus gains a bonus.
  • Nature’s Guidance -Your hits gain accuracy when you sacrifice a spell.
  • Nature’s Protection -Fortitude or Reflex saving throws work better when you sacrifice a spell.
  • Nature’s Teachings- Random, level based effects become more effective, as if you are one level higher.

This product uses material from one or more of the following:

  • Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook™ (PZO1110)
  • Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game: Advanced Class Guide™ (PZO1129)

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