ERA: Epic Storytelling Game Now In Print!

By on 21 May 2014

ERA: Epic Storytelling Game
Players: 1 GM and 1-2 Players
Play Time: 60-90 minutes
Pages: 98
Format: A5
Cost: £8 (+£2 P&P in the UK if applicable)

ERA: Epic Storytelling Game from Omnihedron Games is now available in print and will be launched at Games Expo 2014. The new print version takes the previously available ERA core rules, the Caliphport setting pack and the new Storyteller section and combines them into one sleek 98 page A5 B&W booklet. To echo a catchphrase from gaming days gone past, all you need is the rulebook, dice and your imagination…

ERA is a roleplaying game designed for small group play (1-2 players plus a storyteller) and quick play, with a session being completed in around an hour. In ERA, you take the role of Legends – classic solo heroes (think ‘Conan’, ‘Hercules’ or ‘Judge Dredd‘) – or legendary partnerships (think ‘Fafhrd and Grey Mouser’, ‘Han Solo and Chewbacca’ or ‘Batman and Robin’) – and battle against a variety of epic obstacles as you progress on your as you progress on your heroic quest. The game plays through a mutable series of scenes that mirror the Legends abilities and themes. ERA is powered by setting packs – ‘The Dragon Toothed Mountains’ (a northern fantasy setting) and ‘Caliphport’ (an Arabian nights style setting) are included in this book.

ERA is a former RPGNow Hot 100 #1 selling game and for one glorious week, knocked Numenera off the #1 spot 😀

Era kept its promises: it’s short, complete, it works without asking the author about some unclear phrasing, and the cycle was finished, we wanted to start another one.” RPGNow reviewer Benoit L.

This is a very fun game that is just about the perfect game for a quick run of fun with a limited number of players for an hour or two.” RPGNow reviewer Luke G.

I have to say I am very impressed and charmed. A lean and yet well structured game in the original sense; also a platform for lots of autonomous narrative storytelling.” RPGNow reviewer Thomas Z

Era looks like a fun “rules light” system that could enable 2-3 people to play a quick “epic” game or two. It is also a very fun concept for story building and the adventure creation idea could definitely be used in other games. “ RPGNow reviewer Nathan E.

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