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By on 3 November 2014

An RPG which follows a colony ship and its passengers. 500 years of exploration, civilisation and war, ending in a fight for survival!

Can’t wait to play, or want to know more? Check out our Playtest Packet for a single session and a brief version of the rules.

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“They have produced an interesting, expansive sci-fi setting with a few flourishes that really stand out to me… Very much worth checking out if you’re wanting a sci-fi game that doesn’t feel at all like Star Wars, but still has a very real sense of familiarity to it.”

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Can’t get your friends together in time before the Kickstarter ends? Check out one of the “Dice and Stuff” podcasts of people playing the game – there are 8 to choose from so far!

Want to know more about the backstory and setting? Check out the Backstory page on our website for information and a sample of some of the writing in the book, as well as some unique stories.

Have some questions about the game? So did other people! You can check out the Q&A session Ed Jowett did at the RPGNET chatroom, or you could ask a question in the Comments! Feel free – we’d love to answer any questions you have.

The Game

ERA - The Consortium 1

Era: The Consortium is the story of a Colony Ship launched from Earth and the habitable world it discovers, Taranis. The game follows the inhabitants of Taranis as they create a society, encounter alien races and explore the space nearby.

ERA - The Consortium 2

The game allows the GM and players to choose where to begin playing – at any point during the 500 years of history. You can experience the wonder of discovering new alien races, command a ship in wars spanning entire solar systems, and join a Resistance movement against the government to save or destroy billions of lives.

ERA - The Consortium 3

When coming to the game, you might wonder what you’ll be playing within this mass of history. The versatility of this game allows you to participate in many kinds of activities, from high-tech “dungeon crawls” to raid corporate facilities, all-out wars in which the existence of your species is threatened, to exploration of new worlds. There is plenty of room for a less-combat-oriented game, also, like corporate or political intrigue and transhumanism.

Of course, that makes it quite difficult to understand what you’re going to “play as”. So here’s an example that you might play if you were to go for a quick start:

ERA - The Consortium 4

It is 447CE. The Resistance have prevented an atrocity by the Big Seven, and the Big Seven have been forced to accept an alien into their midst, becoming the Big Eight. The Resistance are hunted, hated and feared due to the propaganda spread by the Consortium, and the Consortium have finally realised the Resistance is a genuine threat. With the companies which make up the Consortium turning against each other, it is a dangerous time to live.

As a loyal employee of one of the Big Seven, you have been called together with others from other companies, and given an operation: track down and destroy a Resistance unit. But does your company want this to succeed? Perhaps this particular unit is embarrassing one of their business rivals, and they’d secretly like to see it go on, so you’re secretly charged with sabotaging the mission – without any of the other operatives knowing, of course!

Or perhaps you’re a Resistance member in deep cover, wanting to make sure the mission fails and, while all those around you are punished for failing, you will slip off back to your associates.

Maybe you’re just a loyal member of the Consortium who wants everything to turn out well for all the companies… but are you sure your teammates feel the same?

ERA - The Consortium (Logo)

Find out more at the Kickstarter campaign page:

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