Final Daring Tale of Adventure Released

By on 9 September 2009

After a year of pulp adventure Triple Ace Games say good bye to Brent and his fellow adventurers in the current series of Daring Tales of Adventure! We’ve seen them globetrotting the world thwarting evil deeds as they go, but now they need a vacation to recuperate.

All 16 adventures are available at the Triple Ace Games store so you’ve no excuses for not getting the set!

Daring Tales of Adventure #16: Empire of the Black Pharaoh
The end is nigh!

Guarding a starlet on a movie set isn’t really heroic work, but the pay is good and it’s a free vacation. But what begins as a babysitting gig soon turns into something far more sinister, as villains equipped with weird science devices attack the starlet. Is her Egyptian style necklace the reason?

The final installment of the Daring Tales of Adventure line involves two of pulp’s greatest staples—weird science and the ancient world. From the dusty tombs of ancient Egypt to the Acropolis of Athens, the heroes are plagued by dastardly villains with strange powers whose master, the mysterious Black Pharaoh, intends to conquer the world by manipulating the flow of time!

Strap yourselves in for the final Daring Tale ride!

Available now from the TAG store –

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