Flintlock & Steel: Renaissance Adventures #1

By on 30 July 2012

The Mystery of Shirdley HallCakebread & Walton are pleased to announce the publication of the first of a series of PDF adventures for their black-powder D100 role-playing game, Renaissance. The Mystery of Shirdley Hall, by Adrian Jones and Chris Hilton, is a 30-page adventure set in the alternate horror seventeenth century of Clockwork & Cthulhu.

When your friend William Cartwright unexpectedly comes into an inheritance, you are invited to visit his isolated Lancashire estate. But all is not as it seems at Shirdley Hall.

Apart from the adventure itself, the PDF contains a new monster, new spells, new tomes and is amply illustrated with character portraits, maps and plans.

The Mystery of Shirdley Hall is available now for only $4.99 (£3.17 at time of press) at DriveThruRPG.

Flintlock & Steel: Renaissance Adventures are a series of PDF adventures at pocket-money prices for use with the Renaissance Deluxe rules (which are available in PDF form, and are soon to be available in print from Cubicle 7 Entertainment). Some, such as The Mystery of Shirdley Hall, will tie in with existing Renaissance game worlds, while others will be stand-alone adventures. Already in the pipeline are:

Heretics of the Air: When the Pope’s Inquisition and the Witch-Queen of the River Gypsies plot together to bring down Queen Gloriana of England, only you, the atheist science-engineers of the Guild of Aerial Philosophers, stand in their way. But where do your real loyalties lie?

The King’s Own Subterranean Rifles: They call you the scum of the earth. Now you’re the scum under the earth, after an invasion of demonic beings from the caverns beneath Yorkshire threatens Georgian England.

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