[Grand Scheme Publishing] Rank & Vile

By on 28 August 2015
[Grand Scheme Publishing] Rank & Vile Grand Scheme Publishing

UK Role Players columnist and podcaster Baz King has just released his latest adventure on DriveThruRPG. It’s Pay What You Want, with 50% of profits going to the Royal British Legion. Enjoy!

This is a fantasy adventure where the characters are the monsters! Your squad is beseiging a civilised city, and you’ve been many moons in this mud. If the enemy don’t get you the food will, or the officers. Or the ogres.

Fifteen events take your squad from the relative safety of their seige tower to the final assault on the walls. In between, you’ll follow orders, no matter what they are.

Five PCs are provided with 5e stats. It’s simplicity itself to use this scenario for any fantasy edition or rules, as it’s heavy on the words and light on the numbers so you can make it your own.

About Dave McAlister

Dave has been roleplaying for over 30 years, having played and/or run most mainstream systems with the espionage genre being an early favourite. So much so that, in 1999, he started Modus Operandi. That same year he joined the Sarbreenar "Living" campaign team as their plotline controller before moving across to the Living Spycraft campaign team (as UK Regional Branch Director) in 2003. 2003 also saw the birth of UK Role Players as well as Dave's first freelance writing appointment (co-writing World Militaries and consulting on both US Militaries and Battlegrounds, all for Spycraft). Since then, Dave has concentrated on supporting the UK gaming scene. He has organised and run several small, one-day, events and was the RPG Area Manager for Gen Con UK in 2004. His current favourite systems are Dungeons & Dragons (specifically 5th Edition), Savage Worlds and Cinematic Unisystem. He has a (currently neglected) blog at dave.mcalister.org.uk and runs a D&D 5e SRD website at DnD5e.info.

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