Hamnasya iOS Gamebook Released

By on 20 December 2012

Eifir PosterBlue Flame Publishing have released an app on iOS called Hamnasya – Askaryl’s Grimoire. It’s a gamebook set in a fantasy world where the reader/player chooses the paths to follow. His actions have direct consequences on how the story unfolds. The app follows a rpg structure, where the reader/player first creates his character by rolling dice and then selects several abilities and powers.

Hamnasya Map

Hamnasya is a dark fantasy world created by Nicolas Lenain. It is a sprawling, living, breathing world filled with strange characters, fantastical monsters, terrifying encounters and all manner of might and magic. Askaryl’s grimoire is the first part of the epic saga taking place in Hamnasya. A grimoire, or book of magic with immense magical powers has been stolen from its guardians, the Council of Great Wise Men. You will play Edhan, tasked with the perilous mission to retrieve the stolen book, while avenging the death of Alikia, his adoptive mother.

For more info, you can visit hamnasya.net. We also hope to have a review online shortly.

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