[Hellfrost] Atlas of the Frozen North Kickstarter

By on 7 July 2014

In 2010, Hellfrost fans asked Triple Ace Games for more information on the world. In response, they created the Region Guides, a series of small supplements that explored each realm in greater detail. No sooner was the line completed than requests came in for a print compendium. Once again Triple Ace Games has listened and responded.

They are proud to present a Kickstarter for the Hellfrost Atlas of the Frozen North, a mighty volume that takes you on an epic journey of discovery and exploration into the rich geography and history of the lands of the frozen north in new and amazing detail.

A project of this mammoth scope produces a book of equal size! The text amounts to over 315,000 words. Combining this with maps and art, they originally conceived a book of at least 450 pages in length. A book of this size is fairly difficult to produce, not impossible. With design alterations and a little page layout magic, they can deliver all the regional information from the Region Guides plus the brand new maps, art, and locations in a 352 page book.
To gain a quick overview of the final publication here is what you will get in the book:

  • 352 (est.) Pages in glorious full color
  • Hardcover book
  • 49 Regions, including the mystical lands of Alfheim, the turbulent Ten Seas, and the subterranean deeps of Ertha’s Realm. Contains text from the original Region Guides series, plus new additions and edits.
  • Rules for creating sacred places, with detailed examples.
  • 58 detailed maps including City Maps and Overland maps with a scale of 1 inch equals 50 miles.
  • 94 pages in total of full color maps (close approx.)
  • 25 Illustrations interspersed throughout the book complimenting the maps and text.

For full details, and to pledge for this beautiful tome, please visit their Kickstarter project.

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