Horror Miniatures

By on 16 October 2012

Horror MiniaturesThe Horror Miniatures product is a set of 40 fold up paper tokens.

This comprises the 10 fold up paper tokens included with The Old Cemetery, as well as 30 all new paper tokens.

This product contains demons, hell hounds, gargoyles, goblins, ghouls, mummies, skeletons, werewolves, vampires, and zombies.

Skeletons range from unarmed to natural bone weapons to fully armored holding sword and shield, allowing Game Masters to advance the threat as needed.

Zombies run the gamut from classic shambling ones to more modern, faster zombies depending on the zombies prevalent in your Horror games or to increase their challenge. Some monster types aren’t as immediately recognizable.

The Game Master is encouraged to use them as horrors, aliens, demons, mutants, or whatever type of creature the game they are running needs. A couple of examples are the red armored creature with pincers instead of hands and the green and yellow snake-like creature whose arms end with bone blades. No matter what type of Halloween game you want to run, these Horror miniatures can add to the creepy atmosphere and fun!

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