Marines & Aliens Miniatures

By on 19 December 2012

The Space Marines and Aliens Miniatures product is a set of 48 fold up paper tokens.

There are 12 paper tokens on each of the 4 pages.

The first page is a squad of visibly human space marines since they don’t have full helmets on and you can see their faces. The last two tokens on this page are injured or dead marines.

The second page is a squad of humanoid space marines. They have a helmet on that makes it hard to tell if they are human or merely humanoids underneath that helmet. This can be used as a second squad for the space marines or even an additional enemy squad if needed. The last two tokens on this page are injured or dead marines.

The third page of figures includes aliens that have reptilian facial features including large golden eyes. They wield a variety of weapons including guns, knives, and swords. In a space game where humanity has made allies, these could even be a squad of allied, but alien space marines. If not, they can be a highly trained squad of enemy space marines.

The last page features a variety of aliens. The first six tokens are aliens in power armor with various shoulder-mounted weapons including guns and swords. These could even be fielding missile or rocket pods instead of guns as well. The next two tokens are male aliens with no armor, having an odd skin pattern showing musculature on the surface partially and a scorpion-like tail made of flexible bone. With these traits it is probably an alien of scorpion or reptilian origins. The next two tokens are female aliens with no armor at all, likely psi users where armor would interfere with their power. The last two tokens are Marines in power armor having attached Gatling cannons to each of their arms. It would take an impressively strong human with a power core stretched to the limit to field this on the human side, but it is possible. It is also possible that these last two could be robots instead of Marines.

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