Mistborn Adventure Game Releases: Journey to the Final Empire

By on 20 December 2011

Mistborn Adventure GameCrafty Games is proud to release the Mistborn Adventure Game, a new roleplaying experience based on the best-selling novel series by Brandon Sanderson…


Some of what people are saying about the game so far…

“Man, Crafty Games just kills it n the character building chapters. They’ve also published the best chapter I’ve ever read on adventure design.” – John Rogers, Leverage

“We’re beyond impressed.” – 17th Shard, Brandon Sanderson’s official fansite (they actually had much more to say, but some of it wasn’t quite repeatable in polite company: “****ing brilliant” came up a lot)

As we mention, the game is available in three editions…

Softcover Retail Edition (available in hobby game stores everywhere)
The Softcover Retail Edition will be available in book and hobby retailers worldwide, but you’re also welcome to purchase it here. It features the same contents as the deluxe hardcover edition in a compact, easy-to-carry and use format. It’s perfect for that gamer on the go.
ISBN: 978-0-9826843-9-9
Product Number: CFG7001
MSRP: $34.99

Deluxe Hardcover Edition (available only from Crafty Games)
The Deluxe Hardcover Edition is is available exclusively through Crafty Games. It features all the same contents as the softcover edition plus full-color endsheets displaying the Allomantic and (brand new) Feruchemical tables of metals, a stamped spine, and a beautiful, full-color dust jacket. It’s the perfect addition to any Sanderson fan’s bookshelf.
ISBN: 978-0-9826843-8-2
Product Number: CFG7002
MSRP: $44.99

Digital Edition (which also includes the recently releases A House of Ashes novella)
The Digital Edition is currently available in PDF, with an EPUB version in the works. For one low cost you get the game in both formats, each with the same content as the softcover edition. You can also bundle the Digital Edition with either the Hardcover or Softcover Edition for just $5 more than the print book.
Product Number: CFG7003
MSRP: $14.99 (on its own, or just $5.00 more when bundled with either print edition)

The official sales sheet for the Softcover Retail Edition of the game can be found here…


…and a preview containing several excerpts from the game, plus a Primer to get players started, can be found here…


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