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By on 18 November 2015
[Modiphius] Space 1889 Modiphius

Reach for the Victorian stars as Modiphius announces the release of the Space 1889 Core Book, Collector’s Edition, and GM Screen…  Science Fiction roleplaying in a more civilised time 

“Everything Jules Verne could have written. Everything H. G. Wells should have written. Everything Arthur Conan Doyle thought of, but never published – because it was too fantastic.” 

Modiphius are pleased to announce the release of a suite of Space 1889 products including a Space 1889 Core Book (Print & PDF bundle), as well as a PDF versionand Space 1889 GM Screen, allowing players to reach for the stars at the height of the Victorian age. A special Space 1889 Collector’s Edition is also available from the Modiphius webstore along with a specially made Space 1889 Soundtrack to enhance the RPG sessions.

Based on the classic Game Designers’ Workshop game by the legendary Frank Chadwick (who helped design Traveller and Twilight 2000), this is a thoroughly modern reinvention of the classic eighties and nineties RPG series, which also spawned countless scenarios, table top games, books, audio series and even a video game. Kickstarted by Clockwork Publishing and distributed by Modiphius this new edition uses the Ubiquity system last seen in the Hollow Earth Expedition RPG from Exile Games Studios.

Realising the dreams of literary giants like Jules Verne, Arthur Conan-Doyle and HG Wells, Space 1889 is a science fiction roleplaying game set in a more civilised time. A time when gentlemen and ladies of good character discover that there are adventures to be found in London’s fogbound alleys just as much as there are on the dusty streets of Syrtis Major on Mars.

A time when soldiers might be posted to East Africa or Mars by order of their country; a time when inventors rush to test their latest designs and their latest theories; a time when historians search for the secrets of the ancient Martians; and when wild Venusian Lizard-men and proud Martian steppe warriors must serve their tribes and seek fame and fortune in a time when aliens from Earth have come to their planets.

Core Book Product Information: 

  • The World of Space 1889, a 256 page comprehensive and detailed guide to the fantastic  worlds of Space 1889 – everything you need to play in one book.
  • Much, much more detailed background information than in the original rulebook from 1989, published by GDW. Extensive information for the inner planets Mercury, Venus, Earth (& Luna) and Mars.
  • Easy to learn rules and Character Generation, using the Ubiquity- System, originally created for the Hollow Earth Expedition RPG.
  • Equipment and Weaponry.
  • Full color interior artwork.

Accompanying the Core Book is the Space 1889 Gamesmaster’s Screen, a handsome four-panel GM screen made from solid cardboard with all the essential Space 1889 rules and tables, which protects your plans from the inquisitive glances of players.

[Modiphius] Space 1889 GM Screen

This also includes a 32 page NPC-booklet featuring descriptions and stats for more than 60 characters and interesting NPCs from simple thugs to experienced naval officers, from High Martian war chiefs to Venusian shamans. You will also find practical tips and examples to help you fill out and add detail to the backgrounds of your adventures which really bring them to life.

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