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By on 10 December 2014

Just arrived today, Mongoose Publishing have two books for Traveller, and another two for Legend. For 2300AD, the printed hardback of Ships of the French Arm (very possibly the best ships book we have ever done), and the long-awaited return of the frankly huge 760 Patrons, Second Edition! Legend sees the arrival of Arcania of Legend: Elementalism and Citadel Beyond the North Wind.

Ships of the French Arm

Ships of the French Arm is dedicated to vessels adventurers can interact with in a meaningful way, complete with deckplans for every one of them. While most merchant vessels fall into this category, a few military ships are also included, such as those relegated to patrol and customs enforcement, along with a pair of major combatants, provided to showcase the capabilities of these massive ships.

760 Patrons Second Edition

760 Patrons Second Edition is a massive tome containing just about every adventure jump off point a referee could ever desire!

The original 76 Patrons became a lifeline for many Referees during Traveller campaigns, as it provided a ready source of adventure material that could be quickly generated when players started looking for work beyond their normal trading and exploration. The all new 760 Patrons Second Edition is literally ten times bigger and better, potentially allowing you to run a complete campaign with nothing but this and the main rulebook!

Two new books have just arrived for Legend – the follow up to the Spider God’s Bride and Arcania of Legend: Elementalism!

Arcania of Legend: Elementalism

Elementalism is the latest volume of the Arcania of Legend series, presenting a new way of looking at elementalism. Designed to slot seamlessly into any fantasy-based Legend game, these sourcebooks enhance and expand the use of magic, adding a new dimension to campaigns.

Citadel Beyond the North Wind

The follow-on from the acclaimed Spider-God’s Bride , Citadel Beyond the North Wind contains a sandbox setting for classic sword & sorcery adventures. Includes Song of the Beast Gods!

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