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By on 25 September 2009

This weeks update from Triple Ace Games brings a new adventure for Hellfrost. Descent Into Madness is a fantastic new adventure from Wiggy in which the heroes need to find the source of a terrible madness which is spreading throughout a village.

Hellfrost Adventure: #07 – Descent Into Madness


Insanity has struck the citizens of Rassilon!

Unable to cure the afflicted souls with herbs or magic, the cult of Eira hires a band of hardened adventurers to investigate the source of the insanity. From a village of fools to a more serious menace driven into the abyss of madness, the heroes must follow the path of lunacy and risk their own sanity. Only then can they truly to descend into madness and face the true cause of the problem — a problem that has done nothing but think itself into insanity for five centuries.

This adventure also includes an appendix looking at the business of healing in Hellfrost.

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