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By on 16 March 2012

Ascendancy - Rogue MarshalRoleplayers told: dice won’t save you

Revolutionary and sophisticated roleplay system launches with the publication of the first FateStorm title: Ascendancy.

15 March 2012 – Melbourne, Australia – A ‘mind-blowing odyssey’ is today unleashed on the world, with the publication of the first source book, Ascendancy, to use the revolutionary FateStorm roleplay system.

More than a decade in the making, including five years of extensive game testing, the FateStorm system offers players an immersive experience that is as richly nuanced as life, by putting the player in control instead of relying on the roll of a D20. Influenced by Jung, Joseph Campbell, tarot and astrology, Tim Westhaven’s FateStorm is truly gaming for grown ups.

During game testing, experienced roleplayers and newbies alike from around the world have become hooked on the freedom and flexibility offered by FateStorm. Matt Rigby, author of Emergence RPG, said: ‘I always thought that this sort of depth and richness was something you could only get from the setting; FateStorm turns that idea on its head. You could go crazy trying to explore the depths of the system, and not even begin adventuring in the setting. There should be a warning about the addictiveness of the FateStorm system.’

Ascendancy, a core rule book, provides everything the aspiring game master needs to run a FateStorm game, as well as information on setting, creatures, character development and suggested story arcs. Ascendancy also features original artwork by Tim Westhaven, a graduate of NMIT and Central St Martin’s College of Art, whose work for Jim Henson’s Creature Workshop, Framestore, Animal Logic and Meteor Studios has helped shape his aesthetic.

Ascendancy is available to download in a print-quality pdf format now; additional titles that feature the FateStorm system are scheduled to be published throughout the year.

For more information, news and perspectives on the FateStorm system and Ascendency, please visit Information was correct at time of publication, but may have changed.

Ascendancy is available exclusively through RPGNow and DriveThruRPG.

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