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By on 26 May 2010

Warcosm Assault (Supplemental Edition)
Board enemy vessels and either sabotage or commandeer them with this expansion set for Warcosm. Features new rules for assault craft, boarding parties, hyper-shunting, and ramming. New ship systems include assault bays, chaff launchers, plasma bursters, and tractor emitters.

Warcosm is the easy-to-learn and quick-paced tabletop game that simulates fleet-based space battles using either miniatures or flat counters. Mix tactics with starship prototype design to outwit your enemy.

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Ancient Odysseys: Treasure Awaits! Pocket Softcover
Take your Treasure Awaits! game on the go with this special pocket edition. Assume the role of a mighty warrior, powerful wizard, or crafty rogue and explore ancient dungeons, catacombs, and ruins in search of treasure and glory. This introductory fantasy RPG contains the same content as the Boxed Set books, only it’s much easier to carry around with you. As a bonus, the downloadable PDF version of the rules is also included.

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Disposable Heroes: Soldiers 3 (Planetary Militia)
In a joint production with Arion Games, this latest set of paper miniatures is perfect for those SciFi games where you don’t want (or need) great power-armored soldiers clanking about, and perfect for any game requiring a more civilian-looking soldiery. Choose from Customizable, Statix or the Arion Games version.

Customizable Disposable Heroes let you specify which figures are downloaded to a PDF file, as well as whether or not they are labeled and/or numbered. Entire pages of duplicate figures can also be assembled, making the creation of armies a breeze. Each set is available as A-Frame Stand-ups, Tri-Fold Stand-ups, and Flat Counters. Settings can now be saved for later quick-download or printing to order in full-color.

Statix Disposable Heroes provide the same three formats as Customizable sets, but as a single, convenient download. And for those who go through armies, you also get a filled sheet of each figure in each of the three formats, as well as numbering to keep track of duplicates.

Arion Games provides both PDF and PowerPoint formats, with the latter allowing the easy creation of custom sheets. Most sets can also be printed to order in full-color by Precis Intermedia.

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Disposable Heroes: Build Your Own Set 2
The first Build Your Own set let you upload your own artwork to create truly customizable regular-sized paper miniatures. Now Set 2 does the same but for double-sized figures. Upload and create armies of large miniatures as a-frame and tri-fold stand-ups, as well as flat counters with this revolutionary new service from Precis Intermedia.

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Bold & Brave (genreDiversion 3E)
Create paragon, gadgeteer, mutant, alien, and constructed heroes with this must-have heroic expansion book for The genreDiversion 3E Manual. Tons of powers, new exploits, power limitations, hero weaknesses, acclaim and heroism meters, sample heroes, and more immerse you into the world of superheroes.

genreDiversion 3E a toolkit for your own adventures, featuring easy to learn, fast-playing rules with a number of options like exploits, scaling, and integrated support for miniatures. More versatile, more dynamic, more heroic, and more exciting… GD3E provides rules for magic, monsters, and vehicles; plus Unbidden & Forsaken™, a ready-to-use modern-horror setting is included.

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About Dave McAlister

Dave has been roleplaying for over 30 years, having played and/or run most mainstream systems with the espionage genre being an early favourite. So much so that, in 1999, he started Modus Operandi. That same year he joined the Sarbreenar “Living” campaign team as their plotline controller before moving across to the Living Spycraft campaign team (as UK Regional Branch Director) in 2003. 2003 also saw the birth of UK Role Players as well as Dave’s first freelance writing appointment (co-writing World Militaries and consulting on both US Militaries and Battlegrounds, all for Spycraft).

Since then, Dave has concentrated on supporting the UK gaming scene. He has organised and run several small, one-day, events and was the RPG Area Manager for Gen Con UK in 2004. His current favourite systems are Dungeons & Dragons (specifically 5th Edition), Savage Worlds and Cinematic Unisystem. He has a (currently neglected) blog at and runs a D&D 5e SRD website at

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