Omnihedron Games launches Beat to Quarters

By on 14 October 2009

“Deck! Sail! French Frigate, Amelie, 28 guns Sir! She’s seen us!”

“Thank you Mr Watson. Higgins, my compliments to the cook but dinner will have to wait. Mr Brown, bring us around – I mean to engage her before sundown.”

“Aye Aye Sir!”

“Mr Scott-Hargreaves, have the ship cleared for action … and Beat to Quarters!”

Omnihedron Games are proud to announce the release of ‘Beat to Quarters’ – Inspired by the novels of Forester and O’Brien, Beat to Quarters takes you on a voyage of action and intrigue during the Age of Sail. Fight the French with cutlass, pistol or cannon as you sail one of the mighty ships of the Royal Navy into battle. Beat to Quarters is a stand-alone game that is also fully compatible with Duty & Honour.

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Beat to Quarters: 162 B&W pp with art by Peter Frain.

Buy it direct for £13.00 (+£2.00 P&P) via paypal to, or purchase it on Alternatively, download a pdf for $10 from

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