Omnihedron Games releases Duty & Honour

By on 30 September 2008

Duty & Honour is now available. Designed by Neil Gow and illustrated by Peter Frain, Duty & Honour is a game of adventure and romance in Wellington’s army during the Peninsular War. Inspired by the adventures of Richard Sharpe and Matthew Hervey amongst others, you take the role of soldiers and officers, fighting their way across Portugal and Spain. Can you defeat the French Major who has sullied your honour? Will you succumb to the machinations of the wicked Sergeant? Will the heaving busom of Lady Haversham seduce you into betraying your brother? All these adventures and more are possible, with Duty & Honour.

The game features the Mission system which allows players to define their own objectives, set their own rewards and create meaningful relationships within the game. Missions, which can be military, personal or even romantic, shape the gameplay, the advancement of the characters and the direction of your campaign.

You can read more about the game, check out some of the playtest APs and download game resources at You can become a fan of Duty & Honour on Facebook at The game was designed as part of Collective Endeavour and the game forums exist at The game will also be supported by free .pdf releases of the Duty & Honour Almanac providing new background material, NPCs and Missions for the game.

Duty & Honour is a 128 page book, perfect bound 7.5 x9.7 inch b&w interior, colour cover. It will be officially released at Furnace Convention in Sheffield, UK on Saturday October 18th 2008. However, there are some copies available for pre-release. It is available direct from Omnihedron Games for £12 + £2 P&P/ $21+$4 P&P. Order via paypal to It is also currently available via Print on Demand via Lulu at There will also be a pdf version of the game soon and it is hoped to have it available from IPR presently.

For any more information about the game please email

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    21 July 2009 at 8:43 pm

    Well researched site – I love Bernard Cornwell’s work! – Will look to incorporate some of your ideas into my site. Thanks!

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