Out now in PDF – Mind Dunes of the Moon for Rocket Age

By on 25 February 2014

A tragic accident at White Sands Rocketry Development Range sparks a mission to the Moon to uncover an insidious alien plot to take over the Earth! What is causing glass to turn to sand, what is really going on in Luna City, what lurks within the silica mines of Tycho Crater and what does “Every grain, a Mind” mean?

Mind Dunes of the Moon is an 18-page black and white PDF featuring a Rocket Age episode designed for two to four players. Written by Matthew Haines, illustrated by Scott Purdy, Jon Hodgson and Paul Bourne.

Rocket Age is Cubicle 7’s radium-powered game line of interplanetary adventure by Ken Spencer. Powered by the Vortex System (like their Doctor Who game) it’s packed to the fins with all the rules, setting information and game ideas to keep you playing throughout your very own rocket age!

Rocket Age is supported by a range of supplements:

  • Blood Red Mars arrives in UK shops this week and comprises a whacking great gazetteer for Mars itself – it’s inhabitants old and new, its cities and silt deserts – as well as a gripping scenario.
  • The Lost Cities of the Ancients is a FREE scenario for Rocket Age.
  • Bring Em Back Alive is a PDF scenario for Rocket Age, wherein your party take a trip to the humid jungles of Venus.
  • Rocket Racers is a PDF scenario where the party must investigate mysterious goings on at the The First Solar Cup race.
  • A Prince’s Ransom, also a PDF scenario for Rocket Age, sees your party investigate intrigue and mystery at a royal court on Mars.

Rocket Rangers away!

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