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By on 22 October 2010

Raging Swan Press have just released Brethren of the Crimson Altar, the third instalment in the Tribes line. Brethren of the Crimson Altar is the longest Tribes supplement to date weighing in at 30-pages of vampiric “goodness.” Ten pages longer than previous entries in the line, a number of pre-generated, fully stated out encounters fill the additional space.

Brethren of the Crimson Altar
A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game TRIBES supplement by Creighton Broadhurst

Four vampires in the thrall of the Crimson Altar of Kulan-Wyr – an ancient, bloodstained object crafted in the dim prehistory of the world – work to shatter the barrier holding back Death’s legions. Stalking streets and alleyways they prey on the hapless and unwary, spiriting them away to a nameless fortress to die screaming upon the bloodstained rock hewn from the very depths of Hell itself!

Brethren of the Crimson Altar presents 16 stat blocks (ranging in CR from 2 – 15) as well as details of the Crimson Altar of Kulan-Wyr a sentient magic item of great power and terrible purpose. The Brethren include:

Tregereth Faull: LE female human vampire wizard (diviner) 5/loremaster 8
Daveth Goninan: NE male half-orc vampire fighter 10
Margh Vosper: LE male human vampire aristocrat 4/bard 9
Terl Yarg: NE male doppelganger vampire rogue 5/shadowdancer 2

Brethren of the Crimson Altar is compatible with almost any GM’s campaign and can be used in conjunction with The Lonely Coast (a free, 30-page extensively bookmarked campaign setting). Alternatively, a GM can use individual vampires to terrorise his players!

Brethren of the Crimson Altar is available for the great price of $3.99/£2.53 from Paizo.com, RPG Now, RPG Drivethru and Your Games Now

You can learn more about Raging Swan Press at our website

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