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By on 6 January 2018
Age of Anarchy Reroll Productions

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Age of Anarchy is a role-playing game set in Norman England at a time of civil strife which lasts for two decades. It’s a game grounded in real history, but not constrained by it. It’s a time of knights and castles, war and politics, commoners and priests.

In the game, you play the most trusted vassals of a low-ranking noble who seeks to rise up through the ranks of feudal society. You benefit when they rise and suffer should they fall. You go on missions for your patron such as winning a band of outlaws over to their cause, rescuing prisoners from a castle, sabotaging the plans of their noble rivals, or leading their forces when they go to war.

The Anarchy

The Anarchy is a period of English history two generations after the Norman Conquest when King Stephen of Blois and the Empress Matilda both claim the throne. It is a period of strife between factions, and a time when powerful feudal lords are created and destroyed.

The Anarchy is full of dramatic events. The King of Scotland launches an invasion to support Matilda’s claim to the throne. King Stephen imprisons bishops who oppose him and confiscates their castles. The Empress Matilda’s forces take King Stephen prisoner, and his wife Maud leads the forces still loyal to the king.

This turbulent period of history is dramatized in Ellis Peters’ Brother Cadfael novels, and in Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth, both turned into successful UK television series.

What the Players Will Do

In Age of Anarchy, you play the trusted advisors and problem solvers of a lord or lady, your patron. Your fortunes rise and fall with those of your patron. You have to deal both with your own issues and opportunities, and those of your Patron.

Will you and your patron fall or gain power and prestige? War and the ambitions of rivals can present both deadly danger and a chance to rise in wealth and influence. It is a time of unmatched risk and opportunity. Plot and fight your way to victory!

The Perpetual Motion Engine

We developed the Perpetual Motion Engine (PME), especially for this game. The system is based on the “patron” (or cause) that the player characters serve. The goal in a PME game is to increase the power and influence of the Patron you serve.

The entire table, including the game master, generates the Patron together by coming up with the Patron’s “issues.” Missions undertaken to resolve a Patron’s issues will determine whether the patron gains power or loses influence.

When a player character is challenged during a game of PME, the player rolls dice (1 or 2 six-sided dice), adds a modifier, and tries to beat a challenge level. Success means the player gets what they want; failure means a consequence occurs.

Everything from combat to a social conflict is built from the core challenge mechanic, making the system quick and clean in play.

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