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By on 7 January 2014

The Kickstarter for River of Heaven, d101 Games’ Sci-fi RPG based on OpenQuest has now opened for 60 days until March 8th: River of Heaven Kickstarter

Here’s a quick breakdown of why they’re using Kickstarter to raise money for it.

This project is to raise money for the art for River of Heaven, a science fiction game set in Earth’s far future written by John Ossoway the author of Cthulhu Rising for Call of Cthulhu. The game manuscript is ready to be laid out, I just need the art.

D101 Games could fund the art, but it would severely restrict our release schedule for the next year. If this project funds we will avoid this situation. Also the more money raised the more art I can commission and it can be in colour (these are stretch goals 1 & 2 respectively). Also if this project successfully funds, further money will go via a series of stretch goals to produce the first book of adventures. (stretch goal 3: Binary Deep )


Include early access to the current draft once the Kickstarter funds and ends, PDF copies, PDF+Softcover, PDF+Hardcover and a special Guildmaster level where you can work with the author to include a game artefact (NPC, piece of tech, place etc) within the game.

About the Game

River of Heaven uses D101 games’ OpenQuest rules engine; a sleek and streamlined D100 rule set that enables you to maintain the tempo of your stories whilst keeping the rules simple and in the background.

In the 260+ page core rulebook you will find:

  • The OpenQuest Rules Engine: Tailored to a hard sci-fi setting.
  • Simple Character Generation: Enabling you to go from concept to fully finished character as quickly as possible.
  • Augmentations: Humanity has found many ways to improve upon what nature created. Quickly augment your character with the latest biotech/nanotech upgrades.
  • Equipment: All the weapons, armour and other types of equipment your character might need to go adventuring in the 28th century.
  • Transportation: Information on how to get around the River of Heaven universe, be it lowly pack animal on a frontier dirt farm or an interstellar trader equipped with an exotic stellar-tap drive.
  • Background: In addition to a timeline spanning 1000 years of future history, River of Heaven includes an introduction to the Bright Age, the default play setting for the game. It also includes a campaign setting – the Kentauran Hegemony – and information about all the colonised star systems at the start of the 28th century.
  • An example adventure: Reunion is an introductory adventure designed to get you up and running River of Heaven as soon as possible. It can be played as a one-off, or as the start of a campaign.
  • Adventure Seeds: Ideas for adventure ideas set in the River of Heaven universe, covering a wide range of styles and themes.
  • Friends and Foes: An A-Z list of lifeforms that may be encountered by the player characters during their adventures. It includes humans from the various divergent cultures and castes, mundane animals encountered on many worlds of humanity, and some more exotic creatures too.

About Dave McAlister

Dave has been roleplaying for over 30 years, having played and/or run most mainstream systems with the espionage genre being an early favourite. So much so that, in 1999, he started Modus Operandi. That same year he joined the Sarbreenar "Living" campaign team as their plotline controller before moving across to the Living Spycraft campaign team (as UK Regional Branch Director) in 2003. 2003 also saw the birth of UK Role Players as well as Dave's first freelance writing appointment (co-writing World Militaries and consulting on both US Militaries and Battlegrounds, all for Spycraft). Since then, Dave has concentrated on supporting the UK gaming scene. He has organised and run several small, one-day, events and was the RPG Area Manager for Gen Con UK in 2004. His current favourite systems are Dungeons & Dragons (specifically 5th Edition), Savage Worlds and Cinematic Unisystem. He has a (currently neglected) blog at dave.mcalister.org.uk and runs a D&D 5e SRD website at DnD5e.info.

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