[Sceaptune Games] A Clan of Wretches

By on 18 February 2009

Sceaptune Games are pleased to announce another Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition supplement: A Clan of Wretches, new, heroic-tier intelligent opponents for the moors and wastes.

Wretches: warped and twisted clanspeople living on the fringes of civilisation. Exiled to the wastes and remote moorlands, the wretch are nomads forced to wander in the wilderness as they seek out new pastures for their herds. Sometimes launching raids into the frontiers of the civilised lands, frequently ambushing merchant caravans and explorers, these primitives are a nuisance that cannot be ignored.

But primitive doesn’t mean stupid. These wretch produce art – or graffiti – and strange drum-music that only the most sophisticated of the civilised races fully appreciated. They may worship the spirits of their ancestors, but this doesn’t mean they are lacking in divine power. They may be nomads, but this doesn’t mean their society is in any way simplistic. A summary of their art, music and castes is necessary to understand these complex and enigmatic creatures and their clans.

A new race with new twists for your Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition games.


  • Wretcher art and music
  • Bogwretch, the lowest of the low; scared, they may be, but their numbers make them dangerous
  • Moorwretch, the wretch leaders; intelligent and sly
  • Stonewretch, slow and lumbering but strong
  • Details of wretcher society
  • A complete wretch clan
  • Playing wretch: wretch powers and racial details

Sceaptune Games Greyscales Series: Instant, innovative ideas for your D&D 4E adventures

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