SciFi Characters Miniatures

By on 20 January 2013

SciFi Characters Miniatures is a set of 60 fold up paper tokens. There are 12 paper tokens on each of the 5 pages.

The first page has twelve human miniatures. There are eight men and four women on the page. Nine of them have uniforms all bearing the same U-shaped symbol, all part of the same spaceship crew. The first three men and the last lady on the page have pips on their collars, suitable as high-ranking officers on a spaceship. The next three are security crew with large rifles. There are two other women on the page that can serve as ensigns or yeomen. The other three miniatures are two men in tunics and one lady in robes, more suitable for a pirate spaceship crew than an organized one like the others.

The second page has three more humans, two more men in tunics and a female mechanic with a blowtorch very suitable for a pirate spaceship crew. The other humanoid looks to be the leader of the other miniatures on the page wearing the same style of armor. These other eight miniatures all have helmets and suits on making them suitable as either humans or humanoid aliens or robots. These miniatures are armed with a rifle, several pistols with a few opting for dual wielding pistols, and one unarmed.

The third page has three aliens, one robot, and one human dressed in similar robes and capes as part of the same ship crew. They would make excellent diplomats as well at an interstellar council. The first alien looks reptilian, the second ape-like, and the last one dog-like. The next two humans have comfortable wear suitable for off duty times or normal wear for a poorer crew. The next four humans look like mercenary grunts with the last miniature on the page being an excellent mercenary officer.

The fourth page has a collection of robots and drones. The first robot has hands that look like they were made for grasping and grappling making it an excellent labor robot. The second robot is a blue combat robot with shoulder-mounted weapons. The third robot is a red combat robot with a wrist-mounted gun. The fourth robot is a short, purple cat-like robot suitable as a ship mascot or a kid’s robot nanny. The next three robots could be construction mechs or combat robots with drills and hooks for hands as well as unarmed. The next three are android robots having human-like faces and robotic bodies. The last two are a floating drone and a walking spider-like drone.

The fifth page has eleven robots as well as a floating probe with a single center eye. The first robot has a bizarre insect-like appearance. This robot has tiny wings that flap when it uses its rockets to boost itself to fly. The second and eleventh robots resemble robotic skeletons. The next three robots have giant three-fingered hands making them excellent labor robots. The next two robots have a gorilla-like body structure, likely running with its hands as well as feet as a means of locomotion. The next two miniatures could be used as construction mechs with humans inside or as robots. Their shoulders look like they could mount weapons if needed. The tenth robot is a combat robot with shoulder-mounted weapons. These could be missiles, rockets, or even grenades.

SciFi Characters Miniatures 2

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