SciFi Floor Tiles

By on 25 March 2013

This product consists of modular 6 x 6 tiles that can build a multitude of science fiction facilities in space or on the ground. There are 59 tiles (front and back for 118 total). The set includes connective tiles such as hallways, doors, barriers, stairs, hatches, lifts, access tubes, access shafts, and other connective pieces. The set also includes destination tiles such as an armory, a bridge, a cargo room, a command center, a computer room, a cryo room, an engineering/power room, a med lab, a mess hall, a meeting room, personal quarters, and a security room and security scanner. With this many connective and destination tiles, you can construct a vast number of different science fiction locations for use in space or on land. Then deconstruct them and then recombine them for a totally new adventure location in next week’s session!

This product has both a clean version and a rusted version of all the tiles. The clean version is great for a brand new facility or spaceship that was just opened or commissioned. The rusty version works well for an old facility or derelict spacecraft that needs explored by the group. Combining the clean side and the rusty side, you can create a ship or facility that was refurbished in some sections with the clean side while using the rusty side to denote the older sections of the ship or facility.

The Print on Demand module is double-sided with the clean version on one side and the rusted version on the other side. The Print on Demand version is printed on 12 point card stock and has a UV coat that allows for dry erase markers to be used on the tiles and then wiped off. This surface also allows it to be taped together for stability and then the tape removed just as easily for storage without hurting the tiles.

The PDF version comes with two PDFs, one for the clean version and one for the rusted version. Separating them into two PDFs helps with printing them out, as you can print either the clean or rusty version only that way depending on what you need for your games. The PDF includes several extras such as 3d walls and columns, and 2d doors that can give the dungeon a 3d effect as well as a minigun, barrels, lockers, grates, hand print locked door, and an open hatch that can be printed out and laid on top of one of the other tiles for additional room details.

This product is intended for use in near and far future Science Fiction settings, but could also be used for Modern settings as well. The rusty side gives a Horror feel to Science Fiction or Modern games as well.

We cant stress enough how much value for money there is in getting the Card Version and the PDF, not only will you save money on card and ink, but you will have a set that will look good and last for years.

The picture below is a complex we threw together quickly with the Card version.

SciFi Floor Tiles

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