Serpents’ Teeth – new Jaws of the Six Serpents supplement

By on 19 June 2012
Silver Branch Games

Serpent's TeethSilver Branch Games has released a supplement for Jaws of the Six Serpents, its popular gamebook taking the PDQ system into the realms of sword-and-sorcery and the darker sides of fantasy.

Serpents’ Teeth is a resource for the GM, with adventures and guidance material, mostly by fans of Jaws who have run it in their home groups and at conventions.

Because PDQ is so simple and flexible, it lets you lay out what’s important about characters and get playing very quickly. This also makes it easy to use Serpents’ Teeth with other sword and sorcery games: character write-ups are simple to convert to your system of choice.

Here’s what’s inside Serpents’ Teeth:

  • Ties to Bind – an adventure outline by Brenda Hingstman
  • Gods of the World of the Six Serpents – a setting option by Rachael Hodson
  • The Scroll of Misnai – an adventure outline by Rachael Hodson
  • The Curse of Karak-Azim – an adventure setting by Scott Dorward
  • The Taming of Khend – an adventure setting by Storn Cook
  • Red Sands of the Six Serpents – a genre guide for sword and planet by James Maliszewski and Tim Gray
  • Breaking the Jaws of the Six Serpents Cult – a genre guide for pulp action by Tim Gray

(Note: some of the material is not suitable for a pre-teen audience.)

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